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  • 12 July 2009
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Developed by the famous Lilienthal brothers in the 1870s and marketed by Ad. Richter the company still exists! The buildings are set up in layers with sometimes tricky to read original blueprints from this age. You can see one in the top left corner.

Working with the cool and charming material is addictive and relaxing. At first you have to unpack all the boxes needed for the building you want to stack. Then I always sort the stones into piles (Seen at the top).

Every stone has to be stacked carefully because the later buildings can easily reach 50cm in height and more. If you make an error in the early stages the tower may become unstable or you run out of a specific stone needed in the higher parts.

To pack the stones back into the wooden boxes followes an exact scheme printed on the box.

More: (german)

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