The Almanac of Sep'22

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  • 14 September 2022
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Welcome to the opening almanac (Issue No. 1)

But what is this almanac? It is a kind of magazine and directory which lists all new posts which were published in a given time period. Which means the time period from the last almanac to the next one.

From time to time you may visit my site and you will find a hopefully entertaining collection in the almanac.

The directory serves another purpose: I had this weird idea to set the date of the posts to the year in which the topic relates. And therefore with more and more posts you will have to search for the new ones. To avoid this, all new stuff will be listed regularly in the almanac titled posts.

The almanac will have the frequency of a german train schedule: random. The best way to look what is new is to choose the almanac topic in the Category menu.

What you will find in this issue:

The first articles are representing the wild mixture which is typical for my career (or life) and what you can expect from this site. I recommend you read “The story continues”.

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