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  • 01 September 2022

I reorganized my site. For some reasons.

First of all I detected especially in the last years that I did so many things, worked on so many different topics and collected so much incredible stuff, that the idea grew more and more to show it. The intention is to entertain you. To astonish you. To inspire you.

This site is like a huge antique store, a museum, a magazine, a reflection of culture, toys and technoology and a report of my life as a highly creative person.

Who is this Bernhard Ewers? What is instance four or even TriNodE? Or just browse cool stuff and maybe find inspiration.

Why static html

This website is build as a static html site, done with Hugo

  • It’s fast. It’ small.

  • No updates anymore
    I hate to update everything anytime. And still having the fear of being hacked by someone evil. I spent zillions of hours on updating and keeping sites like Wordpress and I have enough.

  • No tracking, no analyzing
    You will not be tracked from my site, there is no analytics running, I do not look on my logs, I have no Idea if this is read by anyone. Not completely true, I will hear if it is interesting, but you get the point: I do not track you.

  • Single purpose, simple design
    I like single purpose items. The design of the content follows function: To cite Hicks’s law: The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.

  • Focus on content
    When editing an article in Markup and Hugo I can focus on content and not battling the Gutenberg moloch.

A word on dates

Of course you may found out already that this site is not up since the 1980’s and therefore most of the articles are not posted at the dates listed there.

I have decided to implement a chronological list because it is reflecting when the desribed topic was done and gives context.

Language and stories

Some stories are and will be in german. I have a faint hope, that you may translate them, which in these days is not a big issue. But of course it is a little bit annoying, excuse me.

I did this in cases when I want to express myself in a deeper context, give insights or want to tell a story. My english is, I hope, not so bad, but in my mother-language I can express ideas way better.

This is my site. Discover a creative live.

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