The Battle Isle Board Game

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  • 01 May 1992
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I have found some fotos and totally forgot that I created a hexagon boardgame and transformed it into a BattleIsle Boardgame. It must be around 1992 or so and is buried in the cellar somewhere.

A word on 1992: Printing in color was not an easy task, when you want to match the exact size of the tile. This was done with my first Macintosh computers. No chance to try this on a PC.

Shown below lies the fight screen where a battle takes place. I had chosen 8 sided dice and very simple rules.

Conflict zone

The board can be extended to all four sides and build a huge landscape when combined with others. All parts are organized in a 3 by 2 field part. You may notice the missing and/or wrong shadows. This is a slight problem when turning the parts around.

Hand made sample

Above you see the first hand colored sample where I tested the extendable board and the tiles.

It was fun to work on the samples, but I did not managed to convince our boss Thomas to go further and to produce it. We were a software company at all.

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